Edcamp with Students - Finally!

Liz B Davis, The Power of Educational Innovation, Dec 06, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

We know that EduCamps (as I know them) are quite useful for teachers, but what about offering them to students themselves? Sure, why not! But in the school system you have to tie everything to a lesson, so in this case, it's... Benjamin Franklin. "It turns out that Benjamin Franklin formed his own Edcamp style group that met weekly to discuss different topics. He called them Juntos. Using that as a connection, students considered the topics they would like to discuss and our own #EdcampJunto was formed." Now I would not exactly say that Franklin invented educamps. But as I am fond of saying, every idea I have ever had has already been had by some one, somewhere, who probably expressed it better than me. The same, of course, goes for other people's ideas.

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