How will ad-blocking software change the web-content industry?

Jean-Louis Gassée, Quartz, Aug 04, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think that Apple was looking for ways to improve battery life in its mobile devices and someone was smartly thinking out of the box. "With content blocking turned on, the page loaded in two seconds instead of eleven. Once loaded, network activity ceased, which means less strain on the battery." Quite so. I have used ad blocking for years (I use Firefox), not simply because I hate ads but also because they are distracting, slow to load, space-wasting and a huge drain on resources. Plus, they spy on me. "If you have a 1 GB/month mobile data plan, going to the site three times a day will exhaust your data budget—and place you in the caring hands of 22 flavors of spyware."

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