What Sports Teaches Kids About Bigger Roles in Life

Patti Neighmond, NPR | Mind/Shift, Jul 02, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Some people think that it is odd that I am interested in and follow sports. Why, I even have a signed and framed photo of Jose Bautista on my wall. Why would I, a putative philosopher, thinker and researcher, be interested in sports? And the answer, quite simply, is that sports teaches me lessons, sports offers me role models, and sports inspires me. And even in my (ahem) advanced years, I need all three. "Parents think that the organized way you participate in sports — the leadership and fellowship — is actually preparing people not only for the next game but for much broader roles in life." I think this is true. It means that someone needs to be there to help kids cope not only with the thrill of victory but also the agony of defeat - how you can train hard, do everything right, perform at your best - and still lose.

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