A framework for content curation

Ryan Tracey, E-Learning Provocateur, Jun 24, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

No, this is not Dale's Cone (though you'd be forgiven for thinking it is). It is "a framework – for content curation." I've criticized the educational researcher's over-reliance on taxonomies in the past; this old saw is equally the villain. What we see here is very similar to Gagne's 9 events model. And like so many models before and after, it's a step-by-step model of how education or learning does or should work. It's very procedural, it's very prescriptive - and it's so utterly wrong. Education is not a linear process. It's not even something we can flow-chart. It's a constant complex and adaptive process, involving and balancing feedback from dozens of elements, pursuing a strange attractor of varying motivations, means and methods.

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