Valedictorian Made A Secret Instagram Account To Write A Personal Note To All 657 People In His Class

Jacob Geers, Jun 19, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

OK, so he did this before he ever became valedictorian, and he did it anonymously, which makes it even better. I love stories like this. It's a case where someone sees that people are doing their best, that they're genuinely good, and that there's a way to speak to each person. I don't always remember that. And more, when someone says something like this to you, about you, don't you want to be that person they're describing: "You are always so helpful and kind and are willing to be there for a friend in the blink of an eye." It's pretty hard not to be this when you know other people are reading this and saying this about you. Via a bunch of TV website (I guess this has made the rounds in the U.S.).

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