Messaging App Jott Is Blowing Up Among Junior High And High Schoolers

Sarah Buhr, TechCrunch, Jun 09, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'm not really sure how schools could block Jott, though I'm fairly certain they will try. The program sets up an off-grid mesh network that allows people (young teens in schools, mostly) text each other even then they have no data plan or internet access (this is very similar to the way the One Laptop Per Child set up interactivity in under-serviced schools worldwide). You could try to ban the application, but people can easily hide it. Cutting off wifi, internet or cellular signal access won't help, since the application sets up its own network. "Jott started testing the closed, or mesh network idea with a few select schools in March. That seems to have been the spark that led to a ginormous amount of growth for the startup. The effect was viral. Kids using the app in each school told their friends." They're now up to half a million users.

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