Large-Scale, Government- Supported Educational Tablet Initiatives

Rana M. Tamim, Eugene Borokhovski, David Pickup, Robert M. Bernard, Commonwealth of Learning, Jun 04, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This report is "a systematic review of current government-supported tablet initiatives around the world was conducted to understand their origins, underlying principles, financial and organisational models, and expected outcomes." The bulk of the report is a country-by-country survey of tablet initiatives. Comparisons were drawn regarding motivating factors, cost and finances, and educational impact. The results so far, write the authors, are encouraging but not conclusive. "The majority of the initiatives were launched in a hasty and uncalculated manner, similar to the uncritical enthusiasm that surrounded the One Laptop per Child initiatives." This has impacted the literature available for review and the quality of the data from which to draw conclusions.

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