Berkeley to Stop Adding Lecture Videos to YouTube, Citing Budget Cuts

Jeffrey R. Young, DOAJ E-Learning, May 08, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think the headline should read "Berkeley is seeking a $300K donation". That's what it will save by cutting its long-running program of posting lectures to YouTube. I think it's interesting that most of the cost involved had nothing to do with actually posting the lectures. "The money was paid to staff members for such tasks as editing out chatter at the beginning and end of the lectures and making sure copyrighted material was removed before posting." The Chronicle also can't help but to take a swipe at the videos. "The popularity of the lecture videos on YouTube has been mixed. Many of the videos have drawn only a few thousand views." Let's keep in mind that even only "a few thousand views" is orders magnitude greater than the viewership in the actual room.

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