The Secret Language of Girls on Instagram

Rachel Simmons, Time, Nov 21, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I saw this item on Time. There's probably no less a secret agenda for boys than for girls, and probably a secret agenda that involves all such schoolchildren, and probably not just on Instagram, etc. but I'll just attribute that to Time's journalistic agenda (which is segregationist and vaguely misogynistic). I found more value when I followed up the work of the author, Rachel Simmons, which I found here. A lot of it is the sort of advice that countervails many of the more subtle media messages - for example, people (not just girls!) shouldn't apologize for expressing their views, people shouldn't listen to (and shouldn't make) comments intended to undermine someone else's confidence (ie., 'negging'). And more. These are good messages. And spreading these sort of messages (mostly through out own actions) is something we can all do.

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