Future Decoded - We need leaders who know how to create a culture of innovation

Andrew Robertson, Microsoft UK Schools Blog, Nov 21, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

What I wonder is who is the "we" in the sentence "We need leaders who know how to create a culture of innovation." Is it the students themselves - do they perhaps need to be led by these putative leader? No - the point of view is obviously some sort of third person 'social' or perhaps 'company' level view. When Sara Murray speaks of "the kind of boldness and agility of thought and action that stirs the business pot, and which, by implication, needs to be recognised and nurtured by educators," what sort of social need is this, exactly? I am not buying it. This sort of picture brings to mind wave after wave of VC-funded self-starting entrepreneurs, which to me would be symptomatic of a dysfunctional society.

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