Top 10 reasons to trust Microsoft in the cloud

Tim Bush, Greg Mankiw's Blog, Aug 22, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

OK, I'll be pretty blunt about this: don't trust Microsoft in the cloud. I speak from personal experience: I paid Microsoft for online products (specifically, videos) and thanks to some back-end account problem, I cannot play those videos. My efforts over the last few weeks to fix this have been fruitless. Their online assistance helps for a bit, but then loses interest and stops responding. This isn't small change; we're talking a few hundred dollars worth of videos that have suddenly become unplayable. Videos that I actually downloaded and are on my computer and should be playable offline - unplayable. If this happened with my email or my Office applications, I'd be sunk. So ignore the promotional articles like the one linked here. If you can lose hundreds of dollars worth of property and have no recourse then you are dealing with an immature technology. Period.

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