What do you mean by 'collaborative learning'?

Pierre Dillenbourg, May 19, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Pierre Dillenbourg: "In cooperation, partners split the work, solve sub-tasks individually and then assemble the partial results into the final output. In collaboration, partners do the work 'together'." I think this is only partially right; Dillenbourg would define an assembly line as 'cooperative' while to my mind it is a form of collaboration, because of the shared intent to produce a specific product. Dillenbourg P. (1999) In P. Dillenbourg (Ed) Collaborative-learning: Cognitive and Computational Approaches. (pp.1-19). Oxford: Elsevier. See also Dillenbourg, et.al. (1996) The evolution of research on collaborative learning - "collaboration as the non-distribution of labour.". 

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