LAK14 Tuesday am (3): Machine learning workshop

Doug Clow, RAND, Mar 25, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Session from the 2014 offering of Learning and Analytic Knowledge (LAK), which kicks off with George Siemens offering and overview and current state of the research. Doug Clow summarizes: "as a research community we’re young. How do we increase the sophistication of the analysis we’re doing? The prevalence of techniques like SNA, discourse analysis, recommenders. Very healthy for a new community. To mature, make a distinct mark and impact, need to begin to advance discipline-specific approaches." We also hear from Dragan Gasevic on learning analytics literature analysis, Carolyn Rosé on machine learning, Annika Wolff and Zdenek Zdrahal on predictive modeling. Good long detailed summaries.

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