Emerging Best Practices for Using Storify For Archiving Event Tweets

Brian Kelly, Sharing, Mar 19, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Part of the hook of this post is that it takes us outside the 'archiving event tweets' dicussion to consider the nuances of being 'open', and in particular Sheila MacNeill’s post Why the Opposite of Open isn’t Necessarily Broken. One important point is that despite the popularity of MOOCs the battle for 'open' hasn't been won, and isn't nearly over (not even in the world of MOOCs!). A second is that while most people live and work in a closed world, it's not because they're anti-open, it's because the practice of being open simply isn't entrenched in most people's lives. Which brings us back to the topic of tweeting (and otherwise IMing, since many people do not tweet) at conferences. Even here, practices are still being established. I don't know about depending on Storify and Lanyard for conference backchannel archive support. But it's not clear other options really exist.

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