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Various authors, Sept 26, 2003
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Well. Prompted by some nice comments on my discussion board, I decided to take another crack at obtaining an ISSN for OLDaily. I received the following response: "Thank you for your application. At the moment, we are no longer assigning ISSN to weblogs, but the situation is under review. The question of whether weblogs will be able to be assigned ISSN is under discussion in theCRLFinternational ISSN Network. The question hinges on the scope of the ISSN but also on the very real consideration of the limited staff resources of ISSNCRLFcentres worldwide." Now it is worth noting that I did not self-identify as a weblog: I declared OLDaily to be an online periodical. But they have decided that OLDaily is a weblog, and (therefore) will not be assigned an ISSN. Which means, bibliographically, it doesn't exist. This link is to ISSN Canada, to which you may send your comments.
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