Metacademy: a package manager for knowledge

Roger Grosse, University of Nottingham, Feb 18, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

OK, so the good news here is that some computer science professors (Roger Grosse and Colorado Reed) have determined that course design should reflect more the structure of the discipline rather than a linear model of subjects arranged in the order a professor deems best. Hence, "Metacademy, an open-source project ... built around an interconnected web of concepts, each one annotated with a short description, a set of learning goals, a (very rough) time estimate, and pointers to learning resources." However, since "the concepts are arranged in a prerequisite graph, which is used to generate a learning plan," the 'web of concepts' they've constructed is logically equivalent to a flow chart, not a web or network (because all the connections are unidirectional). But I shouldn't be critical; this project will connect with others and over time form part of the much wider web of knowledge.

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