MOOC community?

Matthias Melcher, Feb 14, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

"Which is the 'community' of a MOOC?" asks Matthias Melcher. It's a good question. I'm pretty hesitant to use the term 'community' too loosely - it represents a lot of good things, like diversity and interaction and all that, but community also can represent bad things, like conformity, in-groups and cliques, exclusion and a narrow vision. As Melcher says, "the word has many connotations of a close or narrow grouping, with many senses like religious fold or congregation, or confraternities and comradeships." So I prefer 'network'. And I prefer the idea of course as 'network' rather than 'community'. And more: there is so much more to this work than community. Rainforests, for example. Related: thoughts about community as curriculum, by Jenny Mackness. And community my curriculum? by Jaapsoft.

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