It's “Nerve-racking”! Getting our Storytellers Offline (and Back On Again)

Laura Morris, Read Write Connect Learn, Jan 10, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is an interesting course run in association with Global Voices. "Transom is an online resource for storytellers, mostly audio-based but delving into the world of visual digital media as well. They recent put on a six-week online workshop – based entirely on Facebook – with several Rising Voices writers participating." Not everybody was happy participating via Facebook. "It is curious," said one partiocipant, "how some people really want to share their stories… [but] I wish my subjects would be more aware of all the privacy issues and other issues surrounding image rights and social networks." (Note: while 'nerve-racking' seems to be a commonly accepted form, in my view is is an eggcorn, based on a misunderstanding of the meaning of the words 'rack' and 'wrack', and should probably be expressed as 'nerve-wracking').

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