KaaS – a New Way of Sharing Knowledge and Experiences

Kenneth OE Sundin, Jan 10, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think there is merit to this suggestion, but the details could use a lot more description. For example, when we say 'knowledge as a service', what do we mean by 'knowledge'? Does a Wikipedia article count? A Google search? Wolfram Aplha? Kenneth OE Sundin writes, "you are leaving 'knowing how' and 'knowing who' behind and moving towards knowing where. 'Where can I instantly find the knowledge when I need it'." But I think he needs to go a bit beyond that. KaaS needs to be more narrowly focused, from generic 'knowledge', to knowledge that is new, to knowledge that is generated or derived, to knowledge that is contextual. Let's call this the shift from 'easy knowledge' (which is static, long-term, factual knowledge) to 'hard knowledge' (which is dynamic, short-term, inferred or derived knowledge).

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