“We Never Use Pen & Paper”

Bud Hunt, Dec 12, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Even in 2013 I often find myself the only persopn around a table using a computer. The rest have their pens and notebooks out, keeping a record in a form that will never be indexed (or searched, or possibly even read) again. Keeping notes has intrinsic value - doing it helps you remember the conversation and creates interactivity and engagement. But I still prefere to take notes on a computer. So I find it surprising to read Bud Hunt react to claims that "we never use pen and paper." Even I would never make such a claim! As I write there's a scratch pad beside me (I did some quick calculations on it even today). And as Hunt says, "the important piece of tool selection is picking the right tool for the right job.  That it’s digital or analog really doesn’t matter all that much.  What matters is that you are making something."

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