Traditional Education Beats Online in Key Areas, Opinion Poll Finds

Scott Carlson, Observatoire de Paris, Oct 23, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Ah, is there any area of reserach that cannot be done better by opinion poll than by actually measuring outcomes? No, not accoridng to Gallup, nor i guess the Chronicle of Higher Education. Hence, based on the views of 1,000 average Americans, we are forced to conclude, "traditional classroom education is beating out online education on some of the most fundamental elements" and that the "raditional classroom education was still better tailored to the individual." Keeping everything in the language of faith and belief, the article continues, "evangelists for educational technology and online learning tend to hype the personalized and individualized elements of their products. 'The reality... is that that has not permeated Americans’ perceptions of what it can do.'" Why would they even run such an article? It boggles the mind.

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