Gary Hamel: Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment

Gary Hamel, Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week, Sept 03, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Good video (in English) recommended for an upcoming management MOOC (in German). Management structures designed in the mid-1800s are no longer sufficient for the challenges of the new environment, says Gary Hamel in this University of Phoenix TED-style talk (I enjoyed the background graphics). The problems are:

  • exponential change
  • hyper-competition (and constant innovation)
  • knowledge as a commodity (which dissipates very quickly)

Companies that thrive in the future will be the ones that respond to these challenges. But how? One approach is 'reverse accountability', where 'bosses' report to employees, or at least, are held accountable to them. Another is to challenge traditional management concepts. More, innovation, says Hamel, comes "from the fringe" (or, as we used to say, from the edge). This involves taking not just the tools but also the deep principles of the web and applying them to organizations. See also the Management 2.0 hackathon results document.

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