A Star MOOC Professor Defects—at Least For Now

Marc Parry, How-to-Geek, Sept 03, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The word of the day in MOOCs is "franchising" - that's what Coursera wanted to do which caused Princeton professor Mitchell Duneier to pass on offering his introductory sociology MOOC a second time. "Mr. Duneier had received a twofold request from Coursera. One component was to 'license' his content to Maryland, free... The other involved the University of Akron, which was seeking to license materials 'in a very small test pilot.'" According to the article, Duneier "said no, because I think that it's an excuse for state legislatures to cut funding to state universities." I think it's more likely Duneier discovered that he was reproducible, at least in that format. No wonder he also says "I also have serious doubts about whether or not using a course like mine in that way would be pedagogically effective."

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