Initial Reflections on The Hyperlinked Library MOOC and the Badges I Have Acquired

Brian Kelly, Sharing, Sept 02, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Brian Kelly's post strikes at the nib of the debate (to my mind) concerning badges. On the one hand, he writes, "I have to admit that I found this rather cheesy; I felt the system was patronizing me." This after receiving badges for joining a group, accepting a friend request, and updating an avatgar. Really basic stuff. But then, he notes, "in a recent post Michael Stephens suggested that 'Happiness is unlocking a badge!' and one fellow student responded: 'I’ve always been an intrinsically motivated kinda person, but this having little nuggets to ’win’ is stepping it up a notch!'." So, which perspective prevails? You can't say "both".

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