Lessons Learned from Vanderbilt’s First MOOCs

Derek Bruff, Aug 21, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The lessons learned at Vanderbilt are consistent with lessons learned in our own MOOCs and in other MOOCs offered elsewhere. The lessons include, briefly:

  • Teaching online is a team effort.
  • There’s more to MOOCs than lecture videos.
  • Open content is our friend
  • The cognitive diversity seen in MOOCs is far greater than in closed courses
  • MOOC students are well-motivated students
  • Cognitive Diversity + Intrinsic Motivations = Crowdsourcing Success
  • MOOC students can be producers as well as consumers of information
  • Accommodating students on different time tables can be challenging
  • Instructor presence is important, even in a MOOC

Good stuff; good article.

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