Massive Open Online Courses and Beyond: the Revolution to Come

Michael A Peters, Aug 21, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Good article on MOOCs in Truthout (a source I have come to trust over the years) by an author who has unfortunately not heard of cMOOCs, and hence, levels a critique appropriate only to xMOOCs. It is becoming increasingly common for writers to suggest reformulating the concept of the MOOC into something more like what George Siemens and I originally built (this 'feminist MOOC, aka the DOCC, is exactly the same model as well). In Trjthout, Ali Ikiz Truthout, Michael A Peters makes a good point worth quoting at length:

"I would like to suggest that “peer philosophies” are at the heart of a radical notion of “openness” and would advocate the significance of peer governance, peer review, peer learning and peer collaboration as a collection of values that form the basis for open institutions and open management philosophies. This form of openness has been theorized in different ways by John Dewey, Charles Sanders Pierce and Karl Popper as a “community of inquiry” – a set of values and philosophy committed to the ethic of criticism that offers means for transforming our institutions in what Antonio Negri and others call the age of cognitive capitalism. Expressive and aesthetic labor (“creative labor”) demands institutional structures for developing “knowledge cultures” as “flat hierarchies” that permit reciprocal academic exchanges as a new basis for public institutions."

(Edited 15 May 2014 to correct quote attribution)

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