Chick Lit Remixed: The Simple Brilliance of Gender-Flipping

Emily Matchar, Aug 13, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

One of the more formative influences on a much younger me was the video documentary Not a Love Story, which describes tyhe depiction of women in the media. Since then I have been sensitive to portrayals not only of women but of cultures and communities generally. The propagation of stereotypes by media - especially traditional news media - is one of the major reasons for my deep scepticism of what I read or view from such sources (and which leads me to embrace and even produce alternative media). So this item is of interest to me, featuring various online projects that 'gender-flip' - that is, they portray men in the way media portrays women, and vice versa, by rewriting or revising actual news and other media (the long analysis of a politician's husband's hairstyle had me rolling in the aisles).

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