Great Teachers Don’t Wait for PD Days

Kelly Christopherson, E-Learning (EURODL), Jul 22, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

In the past I have given talks on personal professional development - this is my preferred approach when someone asks me what teachers can do to adopt the internet in their classroom. The idea is that if they use the internet in their own learning, they won't need to ask how to use it for their classroom. This post addresses the same topic, making the point that "PD needs to be eliminated from our discussion about teachers’ learning. Although it is professional development, it has become associated to something that is 'done' to teachers instead of a self-motivated improvement where you get some type of certificate at the end instead of the internal motivation to be better at what you do. Because we learn all the time, we need to tap into the natural learning process of adults instead of the imposed learning from experts." The best point in the post: Twitter is not a PD event - it is nothing more than the beginning of the conversation.

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