The trouble with owning your own learning data

Ben Betts, Jul 16, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

From Ben Betts today: "In the next couple of weeks we’ll release our beta version of Learning Locker. With this product we’re going to give people an opportunity to take ownership of the data that is created by them when they interact with systems and people. Previously this data has always been locked away in an organisation’s Learning Management System, or is just lost to the ether." This is pretty cool. But he raises some potential issues: "two big changes have collided to change all that; xAPI (Tin Can) and the recognition of less formal learning." These create huge volumes of data which are unmanageable for individual people. And, "owning your own data is boring. It is dull as ditchwater. Like watching paint dry." You need the data to do somethinbg for you before it becomes interesting.

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