Individualized Instruction Vs. Personalized Learning

Dave Warlick, 2 cents worth, Jun 23, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think that Dave Warlick sets up  straw man with his distinction between (what might be called) "individualized instruction" versus "personal;ized learning". Mostly, the distinction is about trotting out the old "instructivist vs constructivist" debate, but with an emphasis on the rigidity and politicization of the instructiovist approach. It also pains me to see a writer on education post a graph with no key (so we don't know which colour line stands for which (here it is in full)) and to see the abbreviation "it's" used instead of "its". But there is a distinction to be made, which I have made, between 'personalized learning' and 'personal' learning. In the former, content is created and then adapted to the individual learner, while in the latter, content is selected and created by the learner. This is probably the distinction Warlick was aiming at, but which he didn't have the conceptual tools to identify (and hence falls back on the distinction he knows).

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