2013 Internet Trends

Mary Meeker, Liang Wu, Jun 04, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'm a few days late but I don't want to pass by without mentioning Mary Meeker's 2013 internet trends report. What I really like about these reports is that they're not just people expressing opinions, they're chock full of data. There's 117 slides in this presentation, so get a coffee and set aside some time. Big stories, to me:

  • the U.S. has taken over smartphones (but Blackberry still increased market share)(slide 7)
  • SnapChat (Android/iOS 'content that disappears') has emerged from nowhere since last year to challenge Facebook for photo uploads (Flickr: not a significant player)(slides 14,15)
  • DropCam - (live/DVR video camera) more video uploaded per minute than YouTube (slide 18)
  • Fitness data on mobile (that's a big one for me) (slides 24,25)
  • Tablet growth more rapid than smartphones, iPad (I wonder whether my Yoga counts as one)
  • Wearables (slide 52) and flyables (slide 60)
  • Alibaba (China) (24% owned by Yahoo) more sales volume than Amazon and eBay combined (slide 69)
  • Sina Weibo (China) 530MM users push for social change (slide 72)
  • $1.1 Trillion spent on education in US, students loans up 8x over 10 years, student load debt 914B (slide 98)
  • MOOCs (slide 101)
  • Why, exactly, are the (medical) bills so high? (slide 103)
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