Industrialisation of Social Networking for the Enterprise

Luis Suarez, May 13, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

IBM has been working on social networking for the enterprise, evidence of this being the work of Luis Suarez for the company over the last 11 years. In this post he expresses his concern about the automation of social networking activities; "they just can’t find the time anymore to make it happen in a natural, authentic, self-driven manner." So where did we go wrong, he asks? Where did he get off the bus that said "conversation" and get on the bus that said "marketing activity?" He links to Mike Allton on "How to Destroy Your Social Media Credibility through Automation", making the very good point that you can do more damage than good though social media automation. I think it is a fear of disappearing from the social radar, the fear of 'going quiet' and becoming irrelevant. I feel this. Suarez suggests, "I am thinking that I prefer to go silent and learn from others reading along than to automate an online presence that I know won’t be fair to anyone out there."

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