The ROLE Sandbox

Institute for Research on Public Policy, Apr 25, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I saw this in my LinkedIn stream today: "The ROLE Sandbox ( is a permanent hosting environment for widget-based personal learning environments. Everybody is welcome to create or join learning spaces in the ROLE sandbox. Access is easy. Just register or use your OpenID. Connect to the ROLE widget store to install widget bundles to learn about languages or science. Give feedback on everything you like or dislike using the 'Idea' button." Sign-in didn't work; I had to use my Google ID. The interface needs a lot of work. But at least it's out there, which is the only way to improve these things. But the last and final ROLE review by the EC took place 19 March so it's not clear where the project goes from here. You can also view the ROLE e-book here.

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