Ten Commandments for Educators

James Paul Gee, Apr 08, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think the statements could have been made in a less culturally-specific way, but I can say I disagree with them. I'm neutralized the 'commandments' a bit and made them over into statements requiring neither a diety nor jurisprudence to accept:

  • Good schools also require high levels of equality and civic participation in society. 
  • No school or college knows enough to “train” students for jobs.
  • Use motivation, interest, and passion to persist past failure to gain lots and lots of practice.
  • Humans learn through experiences in the world.
  • Support learning with a well-integrated set of tools, technologies, interactions, and practices.
  • Network with each other and with good tools and technologies in good environments.
  • People need to know how to avoid being duped by the rich, the powerful, and the greedy.
  • Producing and proactively participating are core self-protection skills.
  • Gain a sense of agency through civic participation and as members of interest- and passion-driven affinity spaces.
  • If the cost of failure is not too high, it allows people to take risks.



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