Rockefeller University Press: CC-BY is not essential for Open Access

Richard Poynder, Apr 01, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I've been arguing this for years and won't belabour it here. But I will quote Richard Poynder: "CC-BY is not essential for OA, or even for text and data mining, and will alienate some of OA’s friends. So why insist on it?" Yes, this aligns me with some commercial publishers such as Mike Rossne who would much rather publish open content under an NC (non-commercial) license. But all that proves is that I'm not dogmatically opposed to commercial publishers. But just so we're clear: 'fair use' is not limited to "156 characters in length," the RUP license notwithstanding. And the standard thumbnail is at least 100 pixels, not 72. There's a reason commercial publishers get such a bad name: they think they own the content, when all they really own are certain rights. (Photo: Mike Rossner, via Poynder)

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