Cetis 2013 Keynote - Digital Citizenship: Underpinning Open Education

Josie Fraser, FNCLL, Apr 01, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Keynote from the recent zombie!Cetis "on digital literacy and in particular, digital citizenship, as critical agendas in terms of supporting access and protecting gains in open education, and enabling participation in society." Speaker Josie Fraser addresses the question of how we ensure people are best able to take advantage of all that the internet and web web offer. This doesn't just happen by accident, but requires "being explicit about the important role open education plays within the context of what digital literacy looks like in a school setting - particularly in terms of the ability to find, create, build on and use open educational resources, and in connecting to, participating in and creating open learning networks." It's not just media awareness and digital safety - though these are a large part of it - but also about being able to use new media to express oneself, self-organize, and make change.

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