Tantek Çelik, Mar 18, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is where it changes. Here's Tantek Çelik on an open, social web: "The answer is not to not 'only [be] relevant to geeks', but rather, reframe it as a positive, and be relevant to yourself. That is, design, architect, create, and build for yourself first, others second. If you’re not willing to run your design/code on your own site, for your primary identity on the web, day-in and day-out, why should anyone else? If you started something that way but no longer embrace it as such, start over. Go Selfdogfood or go home." See also Ben Werdmuller: "I like the POSSE: (Publish Own Site, Syndicate Everywhere) approach very much – by publishing to something I directly control and then pushing out to sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+." This is what I do (of course Google+ won't allow me to send my content in, but that's the new Google). #indieweb

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