Someone took my feedbag
Brian Lamb, Edge, Mar 14, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Brian Lamb on Google's announcement. On the one hand, he takes an attitude of acceptance. "I have a hard time working up much outrage. I see something almost pathetic in begging Google to take pity on us and keep the service open." And "I place this as the latest episode in an increasingly sad story, a sequel to when Twitter discontinued RSS support." But maybe it will result in something good. "To hell with them. There are options moving forward. And yeah, it’s a wake-up call." Then he begins to bash Robert Scoble. "with his peculiar gift for fatalistic corporatist hype-mongering." Can't say I disagree with any of it.

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Re: Someone took my feedbag

I think that RSS is being deprecated among the for-profits because they haven't been able to monetize it as well as their own proprietary systems. This is Balkanizing the web and, so, not a good thing. Google Reader is already being replaced with other, possibly better, clients.
The deeper lesson here is that free stuff from for-profit entities exist at the pleasure of those entities. Predicating careers, programs and other important things on the continued existence of a corporate sponsored subsidized or free service is folly.
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Re: Someone took my feedbag

Yes, exactly right. The strategy is to break the web into individual closed networks, which they can monetize. RSS was always difficult to monetize, because people could simply unsubscribe. [Comment] [Permalink]

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