Dangerous Curves

Zack Budryk, Ignatia Webs, Feb 13, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Sometimes your students are not only smarter than you imagine, they are smarter than you can imagine. "Professor Peter Fröhlich has maintained a grading curve in which each class’s highest grade on the final counts as an A... [students] decided to test the limits of the policy, and collectively planned to boycott the final. Because they all did, a zero was the highest score in each of the three classes, which, by the rules of Fröhlich’s curve, meant every student received an A." Fröhlich was forced to honour the grades. "The students learned that by coming together, they can achieve something that individually they could never have done," he said via e-mail [to Inside Higher Ed]. “At a school that is known (perhaps unjustly) for competitiveness I didn't expect that reaching such an agreement was possible." As someone who boycotted Grade 12 English tsts (without getting an A as a result) I wholeheartedly endorse the students' decision.

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