The Future Of Google Plus, And Its Path To Social-Media Domination

Dave llorens, eSchool News, Feb 11, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think this is a generally accurate account of how Google is stocking its new (well, not so new any more) Google Plus service with members. It's taking the slow, patient approach, gradually absorbing one service after another under the G+ rubric, gently nudging people along, while at the the same time closing the door to services outside G+. Will it become the Twitter-killer and Facebook-killer Google hopes? Maybe - both Twitter and Facebook have responded by becoming more closed, not more open, to match Google's baseline. Maybe there's room here for Yahoo to fill a gap, based on the social media mode of Flickr. Or perhaps there's room for a new service, something inherently webby, that counters Google's big closed box.

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