Surviving the Media Aggregation Economy

Brian Morrissey, Andrej Karpathy's Blog, Feb 05, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I have since the beginning of the web been an aggregator as much as I have been a producer of original content and ideas. It's hard to say which approach has been more successful (and really, it's a bit like meat and potatoes - you need both). So I both sympathize and don't sympathize with Brian Morrissey who in Digiday laments the economics of original content publishers as compared to aggregators. "I can't help but wonder if BI’s 'efficiency' is bought at the expense of others," he laments. Maybe. But I wonder why Digiday doesn't also aggregate. When you produce that much original content, why not round it out with the best of the web? The reason page mills succeed is that publishers won't share their space with each other.

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