#diffimooc Launches next week: Differenting instruction in a MOOC

Vicki A. Davis, ZD Net, Jan 18, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Vicki Davis introduces a post describing a new MOOC from the frozen north: "Next week will be the official start of the Differentiating Instruction through Technology #diffimooc offered by the University of Alaska Southeast. This class is designed to help pre-service, in-service, formal or informal teachers in gaining strategies to differentiate student instruction through the environment, through process and through product. We’ll be exploring ways to collect, aggregate, and manage student information, models for differentiating the classroom process such as the flipped classroom and problem based learning, and giving students a choice of products to demonstrate their content knowledge through technology." And I can say "frozen north" even though it's -20 today (giving me a nasty sinus headache).

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