Poop2013: Imagine How Many Pastures We Could Fertilize

Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, Jan 14, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Alan Levine quite rightly criticizes Udemy's latest initiative, which is to release a tool promiting the idea that famous people should replace professors and teach online. Here's the blatant marketing article describing the program: "Once experts express interest in teaching online, Udemy will provide an array of tools and resources to help them build and deliver courses that meet Udemy’s standards for course quality." The purpose? "They’re hoping a crowd of people will encourage people like Bill Gates, Michelle Obama, Richard Branson, and Biz Stone to answer the call." Levine comments, "Experts don’t need a 'proprietary' system from Udemy to do this. They don’t need their Studio. They don’t need their platform. They don't need a course (in order) to be open and sharing with their knowledge. We have the greatest and most capable invention to do this. It’s free... It’s called the open internet." Well - they need a bit more than that - even Levine uses WordPress. But I get the point.

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