Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences" for January to June 2013
Nov 12, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Clayton R. Wright makes available his list of "Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences" for January to June 2013. He adds a cautionary note to the current list: "from time to time I encounter what I will refer to as "phantom conferences and academic journals" (similar, but not identical to phantom faculty). Their purpose is not to collect money, credit card information or passwords as would occur in phishing, but rather to obtain ideas and benefit from the efforts of others. When a paper is submitted, it disappears into a 'black hole'. The paper is then modified, and often but not always, translated and published in local journals. Those who 'borrow' ideas from others and build on their sweat equity, obtain local credit at their institution - they receive credit for new ideas presented in a scholarly publication or at local conferences. Thus, I encourage all to perform due diligence when submitting to an organization or group which one is unfamiliar with. One should be just a little suspicious if the website does not provide actual names, professional affiliations, addresses, and e-mail links to specific individuals who can be contacted for additional information. Ideally, the website should direct viewers to the webpage of the previous conference, a recently published journal, and/or individuals who sit on the review or editorial board." (Note: an updated document has been posted that does not contain phantgom confeences - SD).

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Re: Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences for January to June 2013

Clayton is a hero - and his list is far beyond all others! I only wish it were in a different format than just a Word document.

For example, since these events are all associated with dates, a calendar format or ICAL would be super useful. Otherwise, a spreadsheet format, like this one ( can be imported into, say, a Google Calendar which can then be shared with the world, easily added to a mobile device, searched, shared with other ICAL software apps, etc...

I have used Clayton's list (or attempted to since it's almost overwhelmingly exhaustive!) for inclusion in the (now somewhat unattended) ICETEC (International Collaborative Ed Tech Events Calendar) ( - but the hard part is sifting through all of it.

Always looking for participants to collaborate on curating events for the ICETEC (in the spreadsheet link above...)

Thanks to Clayton and to all a good 2013!

Clark Shah-Nelson [Comment] [Permalink]

Re: Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences for January to June 2013

Excellent list as always!

On my own blog, I've posted a list of e-learning events in Australia in 2013:

C'mon down under :0) [Comment] [Permalink]

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