Left Shocked, Amazed, Wondering, & Hopeful By Blackboard, Inc.

Melissa Stange, Behind The Scenes Technology, Oct 15, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Michael Chasen is stepping down as CEO of Blackboard and will be replaced by Jay Bhatt, president and chief executive officer of Progress Software who has a background as a former Chief Financial Officer and M&A specialist. This post has good coverage and links to a number of additional resources, including commentary by Henderson, Chasen, and others. Also, from Gilfus: "With turmoil at Sakai,  continued scaling concerns with Moodle, and challenges with Instructure’s Canvas data security and FERPA compliancy, whats next for academic software systems??? Can new open source plays like Adrenna leveraging drupal play a role in the next steps for the industry?"

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