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There's a lot going on in this post, and I haven't even commented on George Siemens's 'duplication theory of educational value' that he posted last year. Now the 'duplication theory' is simply a restatement of the older idea that economic value will be based on personalized services, rather than the reproduction of stuff. David Truss draws out of Siemens the adage that "educators add value to the learning process by personalizing the feedback and guidance provided to the learner." Where I want to go with this is to blow up the entire usage of economics vocabulary to describe educational practice. This, from Truss, is closer to what I like to see: "educators openly sharing in learning communities, create an environment where teachers are learners, and they model what they want from students." I want to think of education using a vocabulary of creating, shaping, discovering, sharing, imagining and adapting, not one of owning, selling, earning, adding, collaborating, or marketing.

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