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Various authors, WikiEducator, Jun 08, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The latest version of WikiEducator's open online course is talking registrations (it starts June 20). It has many MOOC-like features, including a microblog aggregator (see lower left of the page). I contributed an introductory video to the first week. The course is very oddly laid out (resources and assignments are listed separately, so (for example) if you're reading week one resources, you won't find my video (which is for some reason a 'signpost' visible only in the header of the assignment page)). Hint: for 'week one' put everything on a 'week one' page. Registration is also awkward - if you click 'register' on the home page you are taken here, which is a page about registration. Don't click on 'Enrol me in this course' - that's just a tiny screenshot from Moodle. You have to go here to create an account in Moodle and then take an extra step to sign in to the course. Hint: give people a way to register directly for the course with a direct link from the home page (or even better, on the home page).

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