Researchers develop 'smart' touch-responsive internet-enabled newspaper
May 22, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is what I want: "We are developing an entirely new platform for community news and information by connecting paper to the internet to create what is believed to be the world’s first internet-enabled newspaper." Ross Dawson also offers an interesting point: "Tablets similar to those of today will be given away for free and digital paper which has all the qualities of today’s paper plus the advantages of digital at a low cost will be the alternative." It's a bit of a race. What will be least valuable soonest: the content (which wants to be free), the platform (which may end up cheaper than paper), or the advertising (which people will still ignore)?

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Re: Researchers develop 'smart' touch-responsive internet-enabled newspaper

Yes newspapers should provide tablets free to read the newspapers.
It is much cheaper. Still they can get advertisements.
They can change the advertisement during the day as well .
Plus they can evaluate the reader and provide advertisements accordingly .
If a reader reads mostly sports news he will be provided with sports advertisement more . If he reads more economics then he will be provided with economics ads .
Good isn't it ? [Comment] [Permalink]

Re: Researchers develop 'smart' touch-responsive internet-enabled newspaper

I disagree with Ross prediction because I don't want another device to lug around. I already have a perfectly good Smart Phone and Tablet so just want a newspaper app. Maybe for those who don't have any other smart device, this might get them into a device but surely they'll soon toss it if it isn't fully functional. A one purpose device is just clutter.

My 2 cents worth
Lindy [Comment] [Permalink]

Re: Researchers develop 'smart' touch-responsive internet-enabled newspaper

Cost I think is the key aspect of this development. Could one post this on a wall and forget about it (and it would then update itself via whatever connection was available)?

How responsive to touch is it? Could you draw on it? If so, could schools use it to skip the scanning step, so that students can use the affordances of paper (easy to use, manipulate, share with local audience) and get the affordances of digital work (permanent storage, share with external audience) at the same time? [Comment] [Permalink]

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