Machines Shouldn’t Grade Student Writing—Yet
May 09, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The topic of assessment, and especially computer mediated assessment (CME?), is taking on an new currency. Today's readings contain a sampling that is typical of what I've been seeing in recent weeks. From Slate, for example, we have an article cautioning against machine grading - for now. Tom Hoffman cautions readers of that article about the role of Common Core in automated assessments. Ian Quillen, meanwhile, covers Hewlett's Automated-Essay-Grader contest winners. A company called Intel-Assess is acquired. A Washington Post Blog discusses the arrival of standardized tests in post-secondary education. A company called Study Egg offers video-based quizzes. Harvard Business Review plugs CoursePeer, an automated grading systems. Michael Feldstein analyzes the role of machine learning. And as Ignatia summarizes, "the assistants, professors, and grading algorithms of the richer universities will blast away smaller initiatives that are based on peer knowledge exchange, natural learning and human enrichment."

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Re: Machines Shouldn't Grade Student Writing-Yet

Please do not worry.
Automated students assessment is here to remain .
It will be better every passing day .
We cannot stop it .
Even today you can generate a Dostoyevsky to write a new novel.
If you read it you would say 100 % that it is written by Dostoyevsk .
It is called essay generators . I call it Novel writers .
MITx+Harvardx is after 1 billion students .
Therefore we need automatic students assessment . [Comment] [Permalink]

Re: Machines Shouldn't Grade Student Writing-Yet

I insist that " Machines will grade students Writing + even students' just answers in sentence format for any question "
May be we can use the word " yet" for another year or so .
But since there are so many criticism those will be corrected one by one in time .
I like the word " yet "
Yet does not mean we should stop to develop . On the contrary we should speed up . 10 years ago many people did not believe online learning, today best schools of the world started online for 1 billion . You cannot claim that they are stupid .
Now you cannot use the word " yet " for online since those number one schools proved that online is for the world .
After 1-2 year I will be shouting " automatic students assessment is here " perfecting every day . [Comment] [Permalink]

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