What the Flip?

Steve Wheeler, Learning with 'e's, Mar 27, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Steve Wheeler complains, "Aaron Sams, a highly visible proponent of the flipped movement admits that the term is ambiguous. This morning, the May issue of Wired Magazine landed on my doormat, and what did I see inside? An article entitled 'University just flipped'. Well, dip me in mayonnaise. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but when you get down to the fundamentals, isn't flipping the classroom a load of old hat? Haven't we been doing it for years?" Well, as usual, any time a term becomes popular, the commercial bandwagon starts as people try to cash in on it (the term 'bullying' is receiving the same treatment, so now everything has become a case of bullying). Are we surprised? No. Is it unfortunate? Yes - there's nothing commercialism won't foul and make distasteful. Can we do anything about it? Not without changing society in unfathomable ways. P.S. I hate the new Blogger layouts. Just saying.
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